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Our main motive to create this website is to provide our best knowledge and experience of healthy living. Nowadays people’s lifestyle becoming sedentary and most of the time they are less conscious about their health and fitness goals. They are unaware of the precious health and don’t understand the responsibility of responsible citizen towards the nation as well as nature.

Hence we brought this website for those people who wish to live a healthy life and get awareness towards society and the environment. Good health does not only give freedom from disease, it also gives you happy life too.

We have divided our content into 4 parts which include a quick guide on Health, fitness, nutrition and quick news of what is going in the society.

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Sakshi Bharti
Nutrition Expert

A Bachelor’s Degree in Health, Dietetics and Exercise. She has amazing writing skills and analytical abilities for nutrition and fitness according to different age groups. Currently, she is working for a weight loss program for the state-level Ministry of AYUSH. She is a experienced teacher of Yoga in DAV college.

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Nisha Shukla
Daily Life Skills instructor

She worked in health department as a Life Skills instructor. She is a part-time freelancer writer providing the best data on living skills. She has completed B.Sc. (Home Science). She always give competent Life Skills Instructions and has 5+ years of experience which can help viewers to get the best guide towards success.

We give our best to provide the information which is accurate, based on evidence and scientific. However, this website doesn’t provide any medical advice, diagnosis and treatment for any health issue. We may not be responsible for any loss of the property or life of any individual. The information which is provided on the website is only for educational purposes.

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